Welcome to Pejtra’s website. Pejtra is a Brno-based singer/vocalist. Nowadays, she mainly sings at home with her kids, but occasionally, with a bit of luck, you find her in more public places. For example, with the band Distant Bells, a jazz trio called Pejtraband, a blues rock typhoon Hart Attack, a jam session formation Hledá se kocour and a worship band Hledá se. She also performs solo with the help of a loopstation, among other effects, and sometimes her husband.

These pages are intended primarily for those whom she forgot to inform about a previous concert and for anyone else who wants to avoid missing future events. Hereby, please accept an invitation to some of the upcoming performances (see the "Koncerty" section). See the sections "Fotky" and "Videa" for pictures and videos of gigs you may have already missed.

Please contact Pejtra for any questions or comments. Use the same link to subscribe to an occasional and very irregular e-mail newsletter.

PS: Trouble pronouncing “Pejtra”? No wonder, it is a Czech transcription of the Dutch pronunciation of “Petra”. Just imagine it is written “Peytra”.